Positively Dog Training in Greater Atlanta Area, Ga

Welcome to your resource for positive training solutions!  Mutts With Manners is licensed under Victoria Stilwell’s Positively Dog Training program and is owned by Donna Elliott. Victoria Stilwell is known worldwide for her dog training program on Animal Planet, “It’s Me or the Dog”.  Victoria has developed a program that brings like-minded trainers together with the goal of promoting positive reinforcement methods in dog training

Mutts With Manners will always work under the philosophy of the Humane Hierarchy or most positive least intrusive methods to change behavior. We believe in building the relationship between the owner and dog using reward based methods.

Dominance or pack theory based training has become popularized by recent TV shows. This gives the illusion of success because it shuts down behavior. In most cases if you understand how to read a dog’s body language you will find a fearful and anxiety ridden dog as he works to figure out how to avoid the punishment. The goal for positive training is to teach your dog what to do before he misbehaves. For help in determining the best way to approach training and behavior problems we recommend going to the following link in the Merck Veterinary Manual.

donna.elliott.pictureWhether you are going to a group class or inviting a trainer into your home you should be comfortable with the trainer and the methods used. Mutts With Manners is committed to help you achieve your training goals. We strive to educate owners on the best, most up to date information on training, behavior modification and nutrition.

Come train with us! Your dog will love your for it!!




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Success Stories

Andrea Duggar

"“Donna has extensive knowledge and takes an in-depth approach to resolve behavioral issues. She far exceeds any expectations I have of a trainer.” "

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Katherine Smith

"I met Joyce and Donna through Dogma Dog Care. They quite literally saved his life as Buster has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which can be life-threatening..."

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