Classes Offered

Group classes are currently being taught at Delightful Dog Professional Play Care for Dogs. It is beautiful 25,000 square foot facility with a large training space.

We offer puppy classes as well as basic obedience Fundamentals Level One. Classes are taught on Sunday afternoon. Fundamentals Two  or more advanced obedience will be offered in late fall. 

  • Puppy Classes-This class includes socialization time at the end of each class. The first class is without dogs where we will cover house training, husbandry issues and other issues that concern you with your new puppies. Class time will include beginning basic behaviors of sit, down, come, leash walking, leave it and drop it. The cost is $175 for six weeks.
  • Puppy class is for dogs 10 weeks to 5 months. Puppies must have been in their home for 2 weeks and have at least one set of vaccinations. If your puppy will be turning 5 months while in class that is generally ok. But you will need to talk with us before signing up.
  • Fundamentals One-This class is for dogs 5 months and over. This is a six week class. The first class is without dogs and the cost is $175. This class is meant for dogs that have not had any obedience training or for dogs that need a refresher on the basics. Included in this class is sit, come, leave it, wait and stay, leash walking, come, jumping up and more. Dogs need to understand and be taught impulse control. Creating structure and boundaries helps them develop impulse control. This will make your life and your relationship with your dog better.  Your dog must be “engaged” with you for training to be successful and a bond to develop. We will help you develop this special relationship.
  • Class sign up-If you are interested in signing up for classes or would like more information about classes please email me, Donna Elliott at [email protected] or call me at 404-245-2430 and I will contact you with class information. You can also contact Joyce Hagan at [email protected] or 678-488-5801.  

We are passionate about what we do and would love to help you. Please contact us for more info. There are always two instructors in class for classes over 3 handler/dog teams. We do not allow more than 8 people in our classes so that you receive the individual instruction that you need.

We love children in class. They must be 10 years old and above. Adults are responsible for all leash handling. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to bring your kids. Exceptions can be made on the age with instructor approval.

We strive to create good relationships between dogs and kids. For a great resource to help with this please see

Also if you have kids please watch this video.  Did you know 77% of bites to kids happen from family dogs or their friends dogs?

Donna is licensed with The Family Dog. They have a great program to help keep everyone in the house safe and to develop good relationships between the kids and dogs.  Please contact Donna for more info into this 6 week specially designed program.

Private Lessons

If you prefer private lessons we can come to you!

For puppy lesson we offer a puppy package of 4 lessons for $400 or you can go lesson to lesson for $125. With puppies there are many things to learn including how to be successful at house training, handling exercises, proper socializing, leave it and drop it.  In private lessons we can address your specific training needs and cover more information faster.

For adult obedience,day training, fear issues, separation anxiety, aggression or other issues or interest please call for lesson rates and package rates.

We strive to give extra care and make sure you understand the exercises taught. Handouts/ Youtube videos and personal videos are given for  behaviors taught. Extra care is given to provide each individual counsel and care to solve their training and behavioral issues.


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